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 17th AAA Conference in Perth, Wes
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17th AAA Conference in Perth, Western Australia(2024)

17th AAA Conference Perth - official webpage is now live!

The Bee Industry Council of Western Australia (BICWA) proudly announces its selection as the host for the 17th Asian Apiculture Association Conference.

BICWA Chair, Brendon Fewster, expresses the honour of bringing together bee experts to Perth, Western Australia. As the peak industry body, BICWA represents over 5,000 registered beekeepers in the State.

The Asian Apiculture Association, with a membership of 22 countries managing the world's largest number of hives, lends prominence to the event.

Scheduled for June 12-14, the conference offers an in-depth exploration of regional bee research, encompassing bee biology, conservation, pollination, and more.

As the largest Australian state, Western Australia's biodiversity-rich environment produces unique honey bee products. Brendon Fewster highlights the state's international recognition for beekeeping excellence.

The conference is a tribute to anyone fascinated by bees and their contributions to our ecosystem and health.

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